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Palmetto Community food pantry is blessed with some enthusiastic volunteers armed with diverse sets of knowledge and skills.  Below are general areas of need with a brief outline of the required duties.  This list is by no means complete and we invite you to contact us if you have any additional skills you wish to bring to assist the food pantry.  We want your expertise to help us better serve our community.​

Volunteer - Monday - 4:15 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.

Walk through with recipients by helping them with shopping cart & getting food items from the shelves.  Also assist with pushing shopping cart to their vehicle and unloading food bags. 

 Food Pick Up/Deliveries -  Monday & Friday - 10:30 a.m.

Assist with food pickups, and/or loading/unloading boxes at the pantry.

Also checking the condition of all foods (appearance, expiration dates, etc.)

Delivery - Days Might Vary

Deliver extra perishable donated food items to misc. recipients in and/or around our community. 

Coordinator will give you a list.

Janitorial Duties - Days Might Vary

Mopping floors, taking out trash, breaking down boxes, cleaning refrigerators & freezers, cleaning & sanitizing bathrooms, and any other custodial duties as may arise.  

770-315-0857 / 770-313-4409 / 770-463-4642

548 Main Street

Palmetto, GA 30268

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